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I’ve never done VIO waxing before. Can I get VIO MIX treatment?

We’d love you get VIO MIX but for the first visit please make reservation for VIO waxing.

After the treatment is finished we’ll have a small counseling and decide your next visit depending on your skin condition.

It’s a very popular treatment but we also concern your skin condition as well!

Also we’d like you to see difference between just waxing and with IPL.
Once you get WOWED by result it’ll excite you to see what’s coming to your way!

I’m currently getting hair removal treatment at different salon. Can I still get a VIO MIX?

Most of the salon asks you not to get waxing while treatment is going on. You can also choose to get only IPL treatment at our salon.
If you are in a middle of the contract please follow their instructions.
You can also choose to get only IPL treatment at our salon. It doesn’t involve waxing and we’ll ask you to shave VIO area a night before you come in.

Is it really effective to do IPL after waxing?

Yes it is!!

We’ve started IPL treatment 5 years ago and now we have a lots of satisfied customers.
IPL works for hair that are on growth period and hair follicle (it helps to grow hair)

Even you get waxing, there are still hair under your skin. And IPL works for hair follicle even if there is hair or not.

I want to get hair removal but can’t decide just IPL treatment or VIO MIX?

Are you someone like….
・I like waxing!
・I’m not a big fan of shaving.
・I’m too lazy to shave.
・I don’t like that prickly and itchy feeling.
Then we recommend you VIO MIX
・I’m good at shaving.
・Prefer cheaper treatment.
Then we recommend you just an IPL treatment.

Can I get VIO MIX while I’m on my period?

I’m sorry but I’m afraid you can’t get IPL while you’re on your period.
If you get it unexpectedly please don’t hesitate to contact us and let’s reschedule your appointment.



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