What kind of wax do you use?

Wax that are created specially for brazilian wax or Sugaring wax that made out of only from Sugar and lemon.
To protect your keratin we don’t use oil based soft wax.

Is it going to hurt?

For the first time treatment, you are pulling off hair that haven’t pulled before, you might feel discomfort and little bit of pain.
The level of pain is depending on a person but it’ll be a lie if we say “there is no pain.”
But the pain is only that moment. After the treatment you’ll be surprised and satisfied with result.
You might have seen a person in TV is screaming while getting treatment. We haven’t seen ladies like that before and we don’t think we’ll see them ever. THAT isn’t a lie.
Our goal is for all the ladies to feel happy that you picked our salon to getting waxed!

Could you NOT use tweezers?

Yes, it’s possible!
We try our best not to use tweezers but in case it’s better to use them because of length of your hair, it’s only for few hairs.
If you don’t mind leaving hair that are very short and less noticeable, please let us know!

Can I get treatent while I’m on period?

If you get it unexpectedly, you can get treatment with tampon in.
If you have a heavy flow or you aren’t feeling well, we are more than happy to reschedule you.



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